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MOVIE REVIEW: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (American Remake)

So I know that I’ve been slacking recently.  Forgive me.  With the holidays and working full-time at the shittiest job on earth, I haven’t really had any me time to sit down and enjoy my life.

But I did take the time out to go see David Fincher’s American remake of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Twice.  I am going to try to write a review of it without giving away any spoilers.

Anywho, it starts off pretty slow and kind of boring.  Then again, the book was the same way for me so that’s not a real shocker.  I do like how it builds that slow tension until it kind of explodes in a fury of plot twists and turns.  After the one vile scene involving Lisbeth and her guardian, the action comes more rapidly and the plot becomes less of background information.

I like Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist.  He has the perfect balance of arrogance and humility that I think he brings to the character.  And he’s handsome.  Even as a queer girl, I can appreciate his manly handsome-ness. LOL.  He’s actually exactly how I pictured Blomkvist to be.  I didn’t see some dowdy older man.  I saw a sexy older man.  And he’s all blond hair and blue eyes which fits my Swedish stereotype oh so well.

If Daniel Craig fits Mikael Blomkvist well, then Rooney Mara’s portrayal of Lisbeth Salander was a match made in heaven.  She is just as I pictured her as well.  Thin, stringy, and unconventional in her heartbreaking beauty.  I fell in love with Lisbeth Salander while reading the book.  However, after seeing everything that this girl went through in the movie, I loved her more.  I just wanted to curl up in my room with her in my arms and kiss her until the hurt subsided.  Yes, this is a very un-Lisbeth type thing to do but she had me hooked.  Mara is a gorgeous and talented actress who made Lisbeth with all of her hurt, pain, and sadness come to life for me.  I hope this woman earns some kind of award for this movie. She was awesome, and that’s an understatement.

Be warned: This movie does contain a brutal rape and sodomy scene.  As a former rape victim, it can be triggering to some people.  I’ve seen this movie twice so far.  The first time I put my face in my shirt with my hands pressed to my ears and sobbed until it was over.  The second time, I simply walked out of the theater until it was over.  However, this scene is a catalyst and I encourage you to stay and watch it if you can.

So, I’ve given no real spoilers but I have given my opinion. The general consensus of this movie is two thumbs way up! GO FUCKING SEE IT! It’s an awesome movie. It may shatter and shit on your perception of the original Swedish version if you’ve seen it. I have, and while it is a little more true to the book, it’s not as interesting to me. I LOVED IT! Rooney Mara is gorgeous and broken in this movie. She makes it perfect.  I’ll post the trailer. Watch it and THEN GO SEE IT!!!

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I nearly just cried at work. The person wearing the suit did right that day.


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Well if they didn’t know I was a queirdo before, they know now. My hair stylist lifts the front flap of book I’m reading and what does she see? The Best Lesbian Erotica 2012… Womp Womp. Oh well!

P.S. I’m going to review this book through a queer theory lens once I finish it!


When and How is the Right Time to Come Out to Associates?

I’m sitting under the hair dryer at the hair salon. I’ve been coming here forever. Well since I was like 7 or 8. I went to school with the owner’s daughter. Anyway that just means I know almost everyone here. That also means that they know tiny details of my life. Case in point: They know that I dated this Army guy for like a year and some change ago. They usually ask how he and I are doing to which I usually say fine. But I recently told them that we broke up. So when I came in today they asked was I seeing anyone new. Uhhh….. I am. I’ve been seeing HER for like eight months now. But that’s my issue. She is a she. They don’t know I’m queer. I mean I’ve been out to the majority of my friends, family, and co-workers since June. But it’s harder with these people. They’re super religious and conservative. I don’t want them to look at me any differently. I mean I kinda don’t care how they see me in a sense. I just like getting my hair done here and junk. It’s cheaper and they always get me in and out. But this instance leads to my topic of the day. How and when is it appropriate to come out to new friends or associates?

For some reason, it doesn’t feel right for me to just blurt out that I’m a raging queer. But I feel that if I wait too long people tend to assume that I’m a hetero chick. This is especially true because I’m a femme. I’m not going to play the wheels femmes have it harder than studs cos our expression of gender is typically heteronormative which causes people to automatically think we’re straight. But it’s true (not that it’s harder; just that people tend to assume shit). I mean my outward performance is that guys think I’m straight. Every time a guy hits on me, I have to burst his bubble and let him know that “Naw bruh. I don’t roll that way.” This is usually met with disbelief or the absolutely incorrect deduction that I’m only queer cos some guy did me dirty. I mean the guy in my last heterosexual relationship did do me dirty but I see that as a favor. But I digress. That’s a whole nother story. So I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice or experiences they’d like to share. Cos I really am happy with who I am and want to share my queerness with the universe